Georgia nuclear plant begins splitting atoms for first time

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We thought this story was very interesting I found on MSN: Georgia nuclear plant begins splitting atoms for first time, as we at Hawk Plastics made a major contribution to it construction.

Part of our supplied product for the cooling tower
Part of our supplied product for the cooling tower


Finally ,nine years after we bid the two cooling towers (5-23-2014)  and  started fabrication in 2015 and  after we shipped our last of approximately 40 truckloads of fabricated PVC pipe laterals for Vogtle # 3 and Vogtle #4 in January of 2017, Vogtle 3 is undergoing trials to determine it’s readiness for producing electricity from a nuclear reactor.

I still marvel that we were able to do this to the satisfaction of Research Cottrell Cooling when I review the work sheets ,the purchases ,and the shipping schedules that were required to bring this project home on time for RCC ,and nine years early for Georgia Power. Loading our trucks with the optimum variety of numerous lengths of 8” ,10” ,12” and 15” diameters was a monumental job like solving a jig saw puzzle. Fortunately, the pipe were all installed about 30 feet in the air inside those huge, 500 feet tall cooling towers ,so UV exposure was not an issue. That was not our first venture with RC Cooling ,but definitely our biggest ,ever, for any customer; just south of $1,000,000 when all finished. We purchased our 15” pipe from Vinylplex in Pittsburg ,KS and Jim Woods (Macon Plastics) fabricated some one piece mitered offsets (see photos above) that were a beautiful way to eliminate 45° fittings and field labor that made a big hit with RC Cooling. Proverbs 3:5,6 was certainly evident when we look in the rear view mirror.

How fitting that this project would be brought to mind as the Hawk is about to begin a new era, with the possibilities of newer and bigger Vogtles in the future.

Larry Moody

12'' offsets-mitered joints Vogtle 2015