Faded PVC Pipe Recovery Program

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Program Description:

Order 1 truckload of any of our sewer pipe products listed herein and we will haul away any manufacturer’s faded PVC pipe you may have and credit your order as stated below for each pound received.

  • $0.10 per pound for pipe without gaskets
  • $0.09 per pound for pipe with gaskets

Sewer Pipe Products:

The products listed below are eligible for this program.  Product(s) ordered may be a combination of any of those listed as long as the total ordered equals 1 full truckload.  If you do not see a product that you are interested in, please give us a call for possible inclusion in this program.

  • 4” SDR-35 Gasketed Sewer Pipe x 14’ (green)
  • 6” SDR-35 Gasketed Sewer Pipe x 14’ (green)
  • 8” SDR-35 Gasketed Sewer Pipe x 14’ (green)
  • 10” SDR-35 Gasketed Sewer Pipe x 14’ (green)
  • 12” SDR-35 Gasketed Sewer Pipe x 14’ (green)

Faded Pipe Accepted:

We will accept any size or color as long as the pipe is single wall or corrugated profile without foam core and is manufactured using suspension/extrusion grade PVC.  We utilize the pipe regrind in several non-sewer pipe products such as our popular Ragglesticks.

faded PVC Pipe

Program Restrictions:

  1. We will accept a maximum of 1 truckload of faded pipe for each order placed.
  2. The faded pipe must be suitably packaged for shipment on a flat-bed truck.
  3. A bill of lading with the correct quantity must accompany the faded pipe and is subject to our verification upon receipt.
  4. The new order must be delivered within a 50 mile radius of the location where the faded pipe is stored.

Order must be placed at least 2 weeks before the requested delivery date

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