Pipe Extruded for Custom Applications

Our plant extrudes custom PVC pipe for applications beyond sewer, drainage & core tubes.Not all PVC pipe houses can take time off their lines to manufacture custom pipe or have the expertise to do so.Our capabilities allow us to switch off from one pipe size style to another within a reasonable schedule and we are happy to do so.

Water Recirculation Project

Belling custom pipe for agricultural application

“Belling” custom pipe for agricultural application Above we are “belling” a custom extruded and perforated pipe for an agricultural application. The belling process allows pipe to be fitted one to the next for a continuous run, without using couplings.

This type of product is often used in cooling systems for industrial chicken houses. The 1-1/2” pipe is used to spray water on the cooling media after which it is collected in an 8” pipe and pumped back into the spray pipe. Under the right conditions it can  reduce temperatures inside the houses by as much as 10 degrees. 

Cooler chickens are hungrier chickens and produce more meat per chicken.


Dock Pilings and Bollards

10 Years ago we were tasked with an interesting project for PVC dock Pilings and Bollards. PVC retains it’s performance and lasts much longer than wood utilized for the same application. This customer required 12 inch PVC pipe in gray and in tan. We extruded that pipe in8, 10 and 12 inch diameter in lengths of a of 15 to 50 feet. An injection molding company molded the caps. The pipe was filled with gravel, sand ,or concrete or they were used as a sheath to protect the wood in retro-fit applications.Complete dock with pilings and bollards
Complete dock with pilings and bollards

Industries we have created PVC pipe products for:

  • Agriculture
  • Hydroponics
  • Cooling Tower Piping
  • Water Treatment
  • Docks
  • Construction
  • Power Generation
  • Measuring devices carrying cases.

We do not make pipe for potable water application, which requires a different certification.

New Product produced for a company manufacturing a tank content status device.

Pipe producted to be used in carrying case for liquid sampling system

For this project the above 4 inch pipe was perforated on 2 sides. 
The company using it will add end caps and a handle to carry components for a tank content measuring system. The tubing carried in the case is lowered into the tank’s liquid contents. Afterwards the tubes are rinsed off and can be placed back in the case where they can drain and dry.

Carry Case pipe perforated on 2 sides for drainage