custom fabricated PVC pipe


Hawk Plastics PVC Pipe Fabrication

Hawk Plastics has been meeting custom PVC pipe fabrication needs of our clients for nearly thirty years. We are a leading manufacturer of PVC plastic sewer pipe with integral bell-gasketed joints. Our custom PVC perforated pipe, cylinders, and core tubes can be manufactured to your specifications.

Hawk Plastics can manufacture our PVC pipe to your specification. Pipe can also be supplied with custom perforations and adapters. We have done so on several occasions, as for example fabricating manifolds for cooling towers. These pipes would have specified perforations and assembled inserts for attachment to cooling tower as a manifold.

We are also the inventors and exclusive US manufacturer of the Molded Plastic Ragglestick, a revolution in pipe shipping, cylinder stacking and storage. More information about Ragglesticks is available at

Companies have come to us with several projects which suit our pipe. Contact us today to discuss your custom fabricated PVC pipe project.


Largest Project To Date
Supplying Pipe For Vogtle 3 & 4 Nuclear Power Plants’ Cooling Towers… Miles of fabricated pipe.

Cooling Tower Laterals Project.

Custom Reducer

Cooling tower laterals with spray nozzle adapters( not visible) and 8 x 6 reducing couplings
pre-installed on the 8” in the pocket formed by 4 adjacent pieces of pipe. There are 20,000 feet of 28’ long 6” and 15,000 feet of 20’ long 8”.

Ragglestick packaging protects the nozzle adapters

Other side of pipe is capped

There are caps solid white ,no hole, on the end of the 6” pipe.