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Hawk Plastics PVC Pipe Plant


Manufacturer of PVC Plastic Pipe

Organized 35 years ago, Hawk Plastics started production in October of 1985 in the former Beaunit building on Plant Road. Now, 35 years later, by the grace of God, the Hawk is still flying. One of the oldest American owned PVC pipe producers in the USA, Hawk Plastics has operated with the same name for its total existence. With as many as 40 employees to man the 3 shift operation Hawk has maintained a steady workforce with 24-hour working days through 4 1/2 years of economic slowdown. Hawk received awards from the State of Alabama for 7 years with no lost time accidents; again by the grace of God.

Hawk manufactures PVC plastic sewer pipe with Integral Bell Gasketed joints and specializes in standard and custom PVC perforated pipe. Hawk produces other PVC extrusions, custom cylinders, core tubes and is the exclusive U.S. Manufacturer of patented molded plastic Ragglesticks. Marketed and sold by RAGGLESTICK Packaging, Ragglesticks are used to create compactness and stability in packaging and storing cylindrical objects such as pipe, tube, rolls, drums and barrels. Ragglesticks was the invention of the founders of Hawk Plastics.


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The Daily Home: Update                                      February 25, 2018                Buddy Roberts   Special Projects Editor

Alpine Manufacturing firm produces plastic pipe since 1985 Larry Moody opened the manufacturing facility with partner Gene Davis in October 1985.Hawk Plastics Corporation began as a producer of plastic pipe products, although more than 30 years later, it can no longer be exclusively described as such, according to its president.


Press release Hawk Plastic Corp
Larry Moody opened the manufacturing facility with partner Gene Davis in October 1985.

“PVC sewer pipes are what got us into the business, but we’re not just a sewer pipe producer anymore,” said Larry Moody, who opened the manufacturing facility with partner Gene Davis in October 1985. Initially they occupied the former Beaunit Building then built a new plant next door in 2002, on Plant Road in Alpine. “That’s what our address says, but we’re actually closer to Childersburg.”  (Current mailing address is now Childersburg)   

          The pipes produced by Hawk Plastics “are not the ones you have inside your house,” Moody said. “They’re the pipes that run from the ditch in front of your house to the sewage treatment plant that sends you a bill every month.”     

          The PVC pipes are manufactured in sizes ranging from 4-12 inches in diameter and of varying lengths. After production began, transporting the pipes led to the creation of another successful product for the company. “Truckers were having a difficult time handling it,” Moody said. “Loads would shift, which sometimes resulted in losing bundles. So Gene had the idea to make Ragglesticks.”     

          Ragglesticks is the name of Hawk Plastics’ packaging system that “creates what amounts to a saddle for the pipes to sit in. That way you can get a firm strapping around it to form a really good package that can be stacked three or four high.”     

          Hawk Plastics is the exclusive American manufacturer of the packaging. “Gene was the brains behind it, I worked on the mechanical aspects, and we got a patent on it,” Moody said. Davis has since retired from the business, “but he still offers good advice whenever we have a chicken biscuit together.”     

          Another product produced by the local manufacturer includes what it colloquially calls “chicken pipe” because it is often used in cooling systems for industrial chicken houses. The pipe serves to collect water and allow it to be pumped back through the cooling system, Moody said, reducing temperatures inside the houses by as much as 10 degrees.     

         “We ship a whole lot of them over to manufacturers in Georgia. Evidently there are more chicken houses out there than I ever realized.”            

Black and white of plant
Hawk Plastics Corporation operates on Plant Road in the Alpine-Childersburg area.

         Other Hawk Plastics products include perforated pipes (the perforations are made by four drills that simultaneously pierce the pipe every 3 inches along its length), used primarily in transportation infrastructure projects; plastic core tubes, which some manufacturers of carpet and artificial turf insert inside rolls of their product instead of cardboard tubing; plastic storage containers for shipping fishing rods and quivers for archery sets. Our most labor intensive products include the fabrication of cooling tower piping for electrical generating plants ,notably the two new nuclear plants just built by Georgia Power/Southern Company.     Moody said the company is proud of its several-years-long record of no lost hours due to accidents. “We’re still here, which is a tribute to the fact that the Lord has helped us. We wouldn’t be here without the blessings we have received from Him.”

PVC Pipe being extruded
The company’s PVC pipes are manufactured in sizes ranging from 4-12 inches in diameter and of varying lengths. For more than 30 year, Hawk Plastics has manufactured pipes that are ultimately used in municipal and transportation infrastructure construction projects.